Q: What is Resident Inspection?

A:  Resident Inspection is an application that can be used as a stand-alone to help you reduce security deposit disputes and protect your owner’s assets.

Q: How does it help reduce security deposit disputes?

A:  You will gain the ability as a property manager to require your tenants to attach photos to move-in Inventory & Condition form discrepancies, which then makes it difficult for a tenant to falsify damages.


Using Only Paper forms- tenant writes “stains on carpet”. When the tenant moves out, if they accumulated additional stains on the carpet (during their residency), they have an advantage to dispute the additional damages if they wrote, “stains on carpet”.

Resident Inspection- you require photos to be attached to all Inventory and Condition discrepancies. If the tenant wrote “stains on carpet”, they are required to provide at least one photo with their comment.

Q: Am I required to leave my current inspection software provider?

A:  No. Resident Inspection works as a stand-alone application.

Q: How does the app look to a tenant?

A: The appearance to a tenant is extremely professional. The tenant receives email instructions to download the app Resident Inventory. After the tenant logs in, they see your company logo, slogan, branded colors, property address and details of the move-in so they can begin their move-in inspection. This process is similar to a tenant/owner logging into a p.m. web portal, except Resident Inspection uses a mobile device.

Q: Do I still require Inventory & Condition forms to be used?

A: Once a tenant uses their mobile device to fill out the digital version of the form they can now use this to populate the data on your Inventory & Condition form (if you still require it) and email or print the inspection. Resident Inspection has the ability to print the data on your Inventory and Condition form, however, you just need to provide us with the form you would like to integrate.

Q: How long does a tenant have to complete a move-in inspection?

A: You control tenants access by using your Tenant Control Dashboard. You can change these settings to increase or decrease the required time to complete inspections.

Q: How easy is it to get set up and how long does it take?

A: If you have your logo ready to upload, it takes around 5 minutes to get started. Register, make your selections and have your own company mobile app in about 10 minutes. Use your email to test an inspection as a tenant and get started.

Feel free to call our support center for assistance.

Q: How else does this app save me money?

A:  Once a tenant completes their move-in you will receive an email notification and you can now access that report in real time from anywhere. You also gain the ability to compare that report with your existing inspection or one that you will conduct for quick side-by-side comparison.

Requiring image documentation to be attached to Inventory & Condition forms will enable you to protect security deposit funds versus using only paper forms. Resident Inspection helps you protect your property owners investment and security deposit.

This competitive advantage is also a way to accumulate more doors by letting property owners know that your company provides a mobile application to tenants to help protect owners investment.

Q: What is the cost?

A:  Resident Inspection is very affordable to implement in your property management company. No risk, simple pricing.

✓ Free with Inspect & Cloud membership (register)

✓ Free with Beginner Plan (Up to 5 properties, unlimited reports)

✓ $49 Monthly  (unlimited properties and reports)

✓ $529 Annual  (unlimited properties and reports)

✓ $823 2 Year   (unlimited properties and reports)

All plans include unlimited tenant logins.

Q: Are there sign up or cancellation fees?

A:  No

Q: How do I get started?

A:  Register and receive your downloadable instruction guide. Just follow the guide and feel free to contact our support center with questions.